Thursday, 22 March 2012

3701HUM Sports Journalism: Feature Profile Sources

Elizabeth Pluimers - Ph: 0419665727

Henry Pluimers: 30008855

Northcliffe Surf Club: 55398091

Interview Notes:

Liz Pluimers:

1. Earlier in February you dominated the final round of the competition at Noosa. Was there some satisfaction in beating your fellow Northcliffe competitor Kristyl Smith?

"Kristyl and I are actually quite good friends, we often do our training together. Putting your foot on the line though, it's always about winning".

2. Following a heavy race weekend, what does your recovery usually consist of?

"I work quite a lot with bodyscience, and air compression. But recovery is definitely a big part of the sport"

3. You say you're currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at USQ, is it tough balancing your career and school life together as one?

"It's actually really tough trying to train and compete full time. Study usually gets booted out the back door, I actually have a test to do tonight, but I've had to put it off due to competition".

4. You came 11th at Portsea earlier in the year after a ski pile up, did you ever feel out of contention prior to Noosa?

"Yeah definitely. I was shattered after Portsea, and I felt out of contention. There was four races to go, so I just gave it my best and it all worked out. I was definitely shattered though".

5. How important was your coach Dan Norton Smith when you first made the transition from Southport to Northcliffe?

"He was the main reason I switched over. He got me to chat with Pat O'Keefe, but he's definitely been a bit influence in my career".

Henry Pluimers:

1. How did Elizabeth become interested in the sport of surf lifesaving?

When they moved to the Gold Coast after living in Warwick her parents thought it was important that all the kids learned to swim in the surf and once they'd done that they could give it up.  Liz loved the surf and wanted to keep going with it.

2. How have you dealt with Liz's rise to fame?

"It is all for her" was his comment.  Her parents are so proud of her.  When she competed at Noosa recently family came from New South Wales to watch her compete and one relative drove from Dysart - a 7 hour drive - to see her. 

3. What were the financial implications/setbacks of surf lifesaving?

It has a significant impact until you get sponsorship.  When you go to carnivals you have to pay for accommodation.  When she first started it was $1250 for a paddleboard and $2000 for a ski, then you have repairs to everything to pay for.  Every year you need new equipment.  Getting sponsorship is very important.

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